The Clubroom of Silvica

Silvica tenants can use the clubroom in Talonpojantie 25 freely, if there’s now reservations.

You can read Helsingin sanomat –newspaper, watch TV and play pool, table tennis or darts there. There’s also a kitchen at the clubroom. You can also borrow and iron and ironing board from the cleaning closet.

Above the cleaning closet you can find some games that you can borrow.

In the cabinet you can find:

  • Cranium
  • Trivial Pursuit Genius
  • Monopoly
  • Alias
  • Carcassone
  • Lucky Seven (chess, backgammon etc)

Remember to return anything you borrow after use!

Wireless net

There’s a wireless network at the clubroom. The user name and password are both SilvicaKlubi.

Reservation of The Silvica Clubroom

You can reserve the clubroom by asking the club host. Reservation costs 5 euros/hour or 25 euros/evening for tenants of Silvica and double for others. The reservation is accepted ONLY AFTER the club host has confirmed it.

The reservation ends at 11 pm. You can stay in the clubroom after that, but remember to keep the noise at minumum.

The club host is Samuli Karppinen (samuli.karppinen ( at )

The reservation fee has to be paid BEFOREHAND to the following account 146935-396110 (Silvica housing committee). Pay it with a message with the following information: Club rent, renter, date and time.

Example: Club rent, John Smith, 25.2.2012, from 18 to 23.

Remember to deliver a receipt of the payment to the club host.

Check the calendar, if there’s already a reservation on the date you want!

For further information, contact the club host.