Internet connection in Silvica

Espoon taloyhtiöverkot ( provides the new Internet connection at Silvica (and Latokylä). If there's problems, contact:

Technical support:, tel. 0600 146 243 (0,89 €/min + pvm, Mon-Fri 09:00-11:00 and 15:00-18:00)

SMS service advice: 045 121 8805 (24 h). Only messages. Mention your name, address and a short description about the problem.

Silvicas email-list: silvica-list (at)

You can join the list by sending the message "subscribe silvica-list (at)" to Majordomo (at) (NO headline).

You can unsubscribe by sending the message "unsubscribe silvica-list (at)" to the same address.

If you’re having trouble, contact the caretaker:

Jukka Hilpinen (25/103, 040 518 3141)